GOP Presidential Candidates Landscape Shifting

Vegas isn’t being too kind to DeSantis.

According to Election Betting Odds, DeSantis has sunken to a 7.9% chance of winning the Republican presidential race which lands him in third place among bettors and investors.

Surging past DeSantis this week was former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley who garnered a 11.2% chance of snagging the GOP nomination.

Way ahead of both DeSantis and Haley is President Trump who is currently sitting at a 73.7%.

Per Florida Politics:

Bettors and investors in the 2024 Republican presidential race are moving away from Ron DeSantis, at least for the moment.

Per the Election Betting Odds website, DeSantis has slumped to a 7.9% chance of winning the GOP nomination, good for third place in the field as of this writing Saturday morning.

DeSantis is down 0.2% in the last day; meanwhile, third place Nikki Haley has surged.

The former South Carolina Governor is at a high point in investor estimation, with an 11.2% chance of getting the Republican nomination.

When it comes to bets for winning the U.S. presidential election, bettors are leaning towards Trump who is leading all candidates with a 34.3% chance of becoming president.

Behind Trump sits Biden at 33.2%.

Coming in third is Democrat Governor of California Gavin Newsom despite not even being in the race.

Rounding out the top five are Haley at 5.6%, and RFK Jr. 3.5%.

via thegatewaypundit

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