NEWLY Uncovered: Hunter Biden’s DAMAGING Emails

We all know Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell was a treasure trove of illicit and icky emails, photos, and more that provided a picture into the troubled life and wild extracurriculars of the son of Senator-turned-VP-turned-President of the United States Joe Biden. But new emails — not obtained from Hunter’s laptop — reported by Insider show that the First Kid’s practice of using his proximity and access to then-VP Biden for supposedly personal business was an apparently lucrative pay-for-power scheme.

In two previously unreported emails “sent by business contacts of Hunter Biden” unearthed by Insider, the younger Biden “requested an annual retainer of $2 million to help recover billions in Libyan assets frozen by the Obama administration” in which Hunter’s father was second-in-command.

In one email sent on January 28, 2015, “Sam Jauhari, a Democratic donor with businesses in the Persian Gulf, who was helping spearhead the Libya project” wrote to “Sheikh Mohammed al-Rahbani, another Obama campaign donor involved in the proposal.” Here’s what the email said:

Per phone conversation, I met with #2 son. He wants a $2 per year retainer +++ success fees. He wants to hire his own people – it can be a close circle of people for confidentiality. His dad is deciding whether to run or not.

His positives are he is Chairman of the UN World Food Program, son of #2 who has a Libya file, access to the State, Treasury, business partner SofS [Secretary of State] J. [John] Forbes K [Kerry] son and since he travels with dad he is connected everywhere in Europe and Asia where M. Q. [Muammar Qaddafi] and LIA [Libya Investment Authority] had money frozen. He said he has access to the highest level in PRC [China], he can help there.

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