New Video of Ray Epps on Jan 6 Uncovered by Jason Goodman at “Crowd Source the Truth”

Here are some key articles that first appeared on The Gateway Pundit. If you read these you will be up to speed.

So here is the new video evidence courtesy of Crowd Source the Truth. At the 12 second mark you can see a man in the background just to the left of the man standing by a bicycle. The man is making some unusual gestures with his hands and then, enter stage left, you will see Ray Epps suddenly emerge and walk past the man who was gesturing. It appears that the man did a "brush pass" with Ray Epps. It is tough to tell. It is possible they had no contact beyond walking past each other.

With the Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives, there is enormous pressure from the Republican side to expose how the FBI infiltrated the crowd on January 6, 2021, and facilitated what is now described as the January 6th Insurrection. I believe the evidence will show that the FBI played a major role in instigating the insurrection and did so by using assets like Ray Epps.

When you compare the behavior of the average Trump supporter interviewed by Jason over the course of two hours with Ray Epps various video appearances that day, there is a distinct difference.

Although Epps is costumed as a Trump supporter, he certainly does not appear to act like one.

via thegatewaypundit

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