NBC Pushes ‘Tripledemic’ Fear Mongering – Claims Children At Risk During The Holidays

Why can't leftists and the mainstream media let go of the pandemic, accept that it is over and move on? There are a number of reasons, but much of it can be explained by the psychological drivers within the mind of the average progressive.

Leftists are often defined by their addiction to fear. For them, fear is a powerful tool, a great motivator for organization and a means to manipulate large groups into conformity with an agenda that would normally take many years or decades to accomplish otherwise. The hype surrounding covid is just one example - We can also see the political left's love affair with fear in their obsession with "systemic racism" (which does not exist), or their rantings on the "climate crisis" (which does not exist).

Fear is a path to control over others and society at large and tends to be a tool used by weak people who cannot assert their ideologies through force of arms. It is also a great way to excite a population into mob impulses; a way to use large mindless crowds as a political weapon.

On the individual level, leftists like to live in the midst of constant crisis. For them, crisis creates meaning in their otherwise meaningless existence. The typical mindless leftist drone subsisting day-to-day without producing anything of value, often without marriage, without children and without a greater purpose, is going to be desperate to feel as though they are a part of something. They are looking for anything to make life more interesting; they don't create value in their own lives, they have to search for it outside of themselves and live vicariously through events and vast groups and governments.

They are part of the hive, and the accomplishments of the hive are their accomplishments as well.

The covid pandemic was one of those moments in history where this collectivist mentality could be justified and all the worst impulses of narcissists and authoritarians and micro-managing control freaks could be put on display without much criticism. It was all being done for the "greater good", you see. If the covid virus had been an actual large scale mortal threat no one would have been more happy than leftists.

Instead, they got a minimal threat with a 0.23% median Infection Fatality Rate. Covid was not the crisis they were hoping for, and not as useful in asserting dominance as they had originally envisioned. Still, the dream lives on. This is why we continue to see corporate media outlets pumping out not only covid fear, but also fear of any old viruses we have been dealing with for generations.

NBC is spearheading the latest fear narrative with the threat of the "Tripledemic", a supposed spike in cases involving covid, the flu and a respiratory illness called RSV. Not surprisingly, the outlet is making the risks to children the focus of their propaganda. This makes perfect sense give the fact that covid was a non-issue for younger people, and leftists have learned over the past two years that fear is far more effective if the danger involves children.

NBC goes on to suggest that letting unvaccinated people near children should be avoided and that vaccines are the best option for protection. What their "medical expert" does not mention is that there is no vaccine for RSV and covid vaccination for kids is pointless. But why is NBC trying to tie covid together with the flu and RSV?

First, because the public at large no longer sees covid as a reason to isolate, nor a reason to spurn their unvaccinated relatives. So, they need to now lump covid in with a host of other diseases in order to maintain a sense of urgency.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, is that Big Pharma companies like Moderna are currently promoting the release of a new type of vaccine that combines a flu shot with an RSV and covid immunization. It's not a coincidence that the mainstream media is suddenly hyping a "Tripledemic" of those same diseases.

In other words, if you want to get a flu shot you would also have to take a new mRNA RSV shot and covid shot at the same time. A problem to note is that Moderna is attempting to introduce this new vaccine product without the extensive clinical trials necessary to ensure safety. No surprises there.

The establishment is seeking to make the existence of viruses a perpetual crisis that requires steady injections of new mRNA technology to stay safe, and leftists are eating up the propaganda. Yes, it's about money for companies like Moderna, but it's also about control. When people are separated from their families due to vaccination status and worried about their children's health they are more likely to submit to untested treatments and also unconstitutional rules. Fear is the fuel that keeps leftist movements alive.

via zerohedge

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