MUST WATCH: Joementia Biden Strikes Again. BIG TIME

Joe Biden and the Democrats on Tuesday celebrated the $740 billion Green New Deal absurdly named the "Inflation Reduction Act" at the White House.

Biden celebrated his Inflation Reduction Act hours after a disappointing August inflation report.

Food prices and shelter costs are up.

  • The inflation rate in August was 8.3% – up from July.
  • Wages are down 2.8%
  • Grocery-food prices surged 13.5% from last year – largest spike since 1979!
  • Energy prices surged 15.8% – the most in over 40 years!

The Dow Jones tumbled more than 1,200 points and the S&P 500 fell more than 4% on Tuesday after the disappointing August inflation report and Joe Biden is at the White House taking a victory lap.

Biden took a victory lap while the stock market tanked because of inflation.

It was a total clown show at the White House on Tuesday.

Biden paced back-and-forth as he shouted nonsense about his spending bills.

At one point Biden proudly proclaimed he beat Big Pharma.

This is the same guy who mandated Covid vaccines and made Pfizer and Moderna very wealthy.

"I say this to my colleagues who have been around long - How long have we been fighting Pharma? How long we been taking on these interests?" Biden shouted.

"From the time that I got to the senate 720 years ago! I'm serious! Think about it!" Biden said.


via theroaringamerican

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