MUST SEE! EPIC Video Exposing WH Cocaine Incident, Where Was Hunter?

On Sunday evening, Anthony Scott at The Gateway Pundit reported Hazmat crews were dispatched inside the entrance gate near the West Wing of the White House to investigate a suspicious white substance that tested positive for cocaine hydrochloride.

The report stemmed from local DC journalist Andrew Leyden who posted photos on Twitter that showed Hazmat crews located near the gate of the West Wing of the White House.

Leyden later tweeted out a link to a DC Fire & EMS radio call that confirmed the suspicious white substance found tested positive for cocaine hydrochloride.

On Tuesday — Independence Day morning — the DC media reported on this holiday morning that the substance was confirmed to be cocaine.

On Monday Rob Schmitt at Newsmax TV reported that first son Hunter Biden, who has a long history of crack cocaine use and high-priced prostitutes, was at the White House on Friday night before he left with his dad Old Joe to Camp David for the weekend.


Rob Schmitt: It’s not clear how it got there or whose it is, but it appears that cocaine has been found at the White House. And it wouldn’t be a thumping July 4th weekend without Hunter Biden ripping lines off of a bust of Teddy Roosevelt.

A mysterious white powder was discovered in the west wing on Sunday, prompting a hazardous materials call the fire department. I wish I was making this up, but it’s true. Newsmax can confirm the powder is presumed by the fire department to be cocaine. It was sent to a lab for further analysis.

Hunter, I can tell you, was at the White House on Friday, leaving with his father for Camp David. Sadly, he may have forgotten his party favors, which is unfortunate. Imagine having to hang out with Joe Biden for or four days sober. Now THAT’S a long weekend.

OMG! So good!

via thegatewaypundit

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