MUST SEE: Corrupt Liz Cheney Gives Speech in Wyoming to Group Looking DISGUSTED

Liz Cheney spoke at some event in Wyoming and the crowd was absolutely disgusted with what she shared. How do we know? Look at their faces. They look miserable.

Liz Cheney, the corrupt politician behind the Jan 6 committee kangaroo court and daughter of fellow war-monger Dick Cheney is up for reelection in the state of Wyoming. Cheney is behind in the polls in the state by a long shot.

Latest Polls Have DC Rat Liz Cheney Down 28 Points in Wyoming House Race - With Unfavorability Rating as High as 71%

It's really no surprise that Cheney is behind in the polls in Wyoming. She never really lived in Wyoming. She's a spoiled DC rat. She and other children of politicians like the Bushes and Mitt Romney all hate President Trump because he earned what he did and it is something they never will do - win the Presidency.

Not only this, but Cheney is running the most corrupt and unconstitutional hearing in US history. The investigation is of an event that was a setup and is made up. The cause of the event relates to the stolen 2020 Election that the hearing refuses to even discuss. The individuals investigated are not allowed to decline the kangaroo court without charges. They are not allowed to rebut any charges or accusations and the kangaroo court is led by a group of hateful anti-American politicians whose sole purpose is to hurt President Trump by making up false charges against him.

Now you can see why people in Wyoming can't stand her.

Look at the faces of the people obviously forced to listen to Cheney.

America is praying that the Wyoming election isn't stolen for crazy Liz Cheney and that Harriet Hageman, the conservative favorite who will uphold the constitution comes out the winner.

via thegatewaypundit

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