MSNBC wails return of cruise industry will cause ‘climate crisis’

On Wednesday, MSNBC freaked out over the global cruise ship industry attempting to return to business after being largely shut down during the pandemic. The reason for the left-wing cable channel’s fear? That boats full of tourists represented the latest “climate crisis,” akin to massive wildfires or deadly floods.
“Also, climate crisis after climate crisis. Fires growing in California, smoke reaching the east coast, deadly floods in China, and now, a new fear in Florida,” fill-in anchor Chris Jansing ominously warned at the top of the 11:00 a.m. ET hour. She then specifically attacked the state’s Republican governor backing the return of cruise ships: “People in Key West saw the water become even more clear blue during the pandemic, but on the order of Governor Ron DeSantis, cruise ships and their pollution are making a comeback, despite the local government’s best attempts to stop them.”
Later on the show, Jansing touted the supposed environmental benefits of the COVID pandemic that has killed millions.
via wnd

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