‘Mouth-Piece’: Brian Stelter uncritically relays Al Jazeera SMEAR against IDF..

CNN is in their element today, defending the forces of darkness against the aim of justice and lawful order. It’s media guy Brian Stelter’s sweet spot, and he’s practically giddy about the destruction of the empty building that was shared by terror groups Hamas, the AP, and Al Jazeera.
I can’t even begin to share the drama queen antics his network has indulged on air today, but this is one that he shared on Twitter.

He was roundly trashed for it by people who are no longer letting the media get away with propaganda.

Still, either by design or accident, he also brought up a pretty important point, though he doesn’t address it.
“I think the obvious question that comes to mind is: what were the Israelis supposed to do? If they are sure, if they had intelligence that can be vetted that Hamas was using these news bureaus as a shield, as a hiding place. What were the Israelis supposed to do?”
Then he ruined it by suggesting that they have to prove it wasn’t just journalists and civilians inside the building.
THE IMPLICATION being that Israel might have just been targeting the media because they felt like it. Great job, Fat, Dumb, Bald. You raised the real question only to prove seconds later you don’t understand it.
via therightscoop

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