WATCH: Gen. Flynn Unmasks Soros, Gates ‘New World Order’

. . .[Michael] Flynn spoke to Clay Clark of The X22 Report as he claimed World Economic Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, and right-wing bogeyman George Soros are in on the insidious, supposed scheme.

“These are all people that are part of this conspiracy, really…Not just to understand what’s happening outside of our skin, but to get under our skin,” Flynn claimed. “These are very real and very — actually — they’re very dangerous people. These are people that see a global world order.”[:]

These are real people, these are real things. They have an intent to have a New World Order. They have an intent to track every single one of us, and they use it under the skin. They use a means by which its under the skin.

via patriottruthnews

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