PEOPLE: Media Bias is ‘Worse Than Ever’

Most assume that Americans couldn’t have a lower opinion about the news media, but as each new poll emerges, it seems its reputation goes down just a bit more every time. And thanks to how badly the Hunter Biden story was handled, that rating has gone down yet again.

In a Rasmussen Reports survey out this month, 10 times as many likely voters said they think media bias has continued to reach a low point as opposed to those who think it is getting better.

The survey found that 60 percent of voters feel media bias is getting worse, a finding that is up 6 percent from the last time Rasmussen asked the question. On the other end of that spectrum, a minuscule 6 percent disagreed and said they felt the media bias problem was improving. Another 30 percent feel there’s been no change in media bias, the Washington Examiner reported.

Certainly, Democrats trust the media more than Republicans and independents, but all three political camps see the media in a worse light than the last time Rasmussen polled on the question.

As usual, polls like these always show a stark political contrast. In this case, only 44 percent of Democrats said media bias is getting worse. For Republicans, that number soared to 74 percent. And for independents, it was at 63 percent who held that negative view. The “getting better” quotient was equally out of balance. For Democrats, 11 percent felt it was getting better, while only 2 percent of Republicans agreed with that sunny assessment, along with only 6 percent of independents.

Respondents were also asked what they think of the media’s coverage of the Biden administration. While 65 percent of the likely voters quizzed on the question said the coverage is fair to poor, only 30 percent said good to excellent.

The media’s coverage of Hunter Biden also saw a lopsided result to the detriment of the media. A majority 51 percent said the media coverage of Hunter’s scandals is not sufficient, 19 percent said the coverage was about right, and 24 percent said there is too much coverage of the issue.

Rasmussen also made a sort of “captain obvious” statement about who favors the media the most when it pointed out that Joe Biden’s supporters viewed the media most favorably.

“President Joe Biden’s strongest supporters are most satisfied with the news media. Among voters who ‘strongly approve’ of Biden’s job performance as president, 61 percent rate the media’s coverage of his administration as good or excellent. By contrast, among those who ‘strongly disapprove’ of Biden’s performance, 77 percent give the media a poor rating for coverage of the Biden administration,” the polling outfit reported.

Well, of course they do. After all, the news media tells us exactly what the extremist, biased, left-wing Democrat supporters of Joe Biden want to hear. Confirmation bias is sure to get high marks from those desperate to have their bias confirmed by the “news.”

The findings are no surprise as it seems that every new poll finds the media sinking lower in America’s esteem.

Indeed, in a poll conducted in 2021, Americans had the least trust in the media than any other nation. A poll by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford found that only 29 percent of Americans trusted their media, placing Americans dead last in the media trust department.

Of course, the news media have been falling in the eyes of Americans for decades. It started when the biased coverage tried to kneecap Ronald Reagan, then tried to hide all of Bill Clinton’s scandals. Next, “reporters” attempted to make George W. Bush the devil, then refused to report on anything that might make Barack Obama look bad. These were followed by the most extreme attacks on Donald Trump, the blind support for wokeism, the refusal to report actual facts about COVID, and right up to today where anything that might cause a wavering in support for Joe Biden has been banned from view.

The news media like to pretend falling poll numbers are Donald Trump’s fault because he made political hay out of calling out “fake news.” But Donald Trump did not invent the distrust in the media. He only capitalized on it.

Indeed, the perfect example is how The New York Times won a Pulitzer for its “coverage” of the Russia, Russia, Russia collusion “story,” but now refuses to give it back since nearly every word of their “award-winning” coverage is now known to have been based on lies.

Who can have trust in that sort of propaganda?

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