“Lying, Lying Lying” – Tucker Carlson Shreds Psaki, Biden and Southwest Air CEO

On Monday night Tucker Carlson told his FOX News audience that the thousands of flight cancellations at Southwest Air over the weekend were due to a pilot shortage due to an unofficial walkout over the company’s vaccine policy.

Tucker Carlson had evidence this was indeed what happened over the weekend and into Monday.

On Tuesday the Southwest Air CEO insisted the flight cancellations were not due to the Biden vaccine mandates.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki laughed at the idea that the cancellations were due to the Biden vaccine mandates.

Then tonight on his FOX News program Tucker Carlson doubled down and laughed at these liars who are purposefully hiding the truth from the American public.

Tucker Carlson: “To say there is no evidence there is no evidence this is a direct result to standing up to Joe Biden’s mandates is a lie. And you know it’s a lie if you know anything about the company you run… Oh, it’s a government mandate. That would be the same government that is ignoring its own laws. It is ignoring federal immigration law and allowing the rest of the world into our country unchecked. That’s a violation of the law. The Biden administration is abetting illegal behavior… Lying, lying, lying… Over at the White House Biden’s top flack was doing what she does every day, lying, lying, lying…”

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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