Lying Four Star General Compares U.S. Patriots to Taliban

A former CIA chief who was in power at the end of the administration of George W. Bush into the early part of Barack Obama’s is likening a bunch of patriotic Americans flying Old Glory to the Taliban.
That would be murderous gang of Islamists in Afghanistan who shoot surrendering prisoners in cold blood, abduct 12-year-old girls for their harems, shoot women who wear Western clothes, and just recently took over the government there when Joe Biden abruptly withdrew American troops.

According to a report at American Greatness, it was Michael Hayden who repeated on social media an image that “explicitly compared supporters of President Donald Trump to the Taliban.”
The report noted Hayden was a four-star general who retired after holding the position of CIA director from 2006 to about 2009.
“The tweet in question depicted a split-screen image with Islamic terrorists riding in a convoy of pickup trucks and waving their flags, alongside a caravan of Trump supporters in pickup trucks waving American flags. The caption read: ‘Their Taliban. Our Taliban,’” the report explained.
via joemiller

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