Lisa Murkowski Joins With Democrats for Senate’s First Transgender Confirmation

Alaska’s illegitimate senator, Lisa Murkowski, joined with Democrats today in a 52-48 vote to confirm transgender Rachel Levine, Biden’s celebrated-appointee to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Levine was in charge of Pennsylvania’s Health Department before being selected by Biden to be his second-in-charge at DHHS.
Levine’s confirmation hearing had several extraordinary moments. In response to aggressive questioning by Senator Rand Paul, Levine refused to condemn the barbaric mutilation of children’s sex organs. Nor would he criticize allowing three year old children to make decisions regarding their gender. Watch the exchange here:

Note Levine’s scripted, repeated response.
Even after this, Lisa Murkowski still felt it was appropriate to make this very unwell person the nation’s second-most senior health official.
Yet more evidence of who Lisa Murkowski really is and her complete disconnect from the average Alaskan voter.
via joemiller

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