Libs Horrified Over People Standing for National Anthem at Restaurant: ‘Most Dangerous Situation’ Ever

A TikTok video that shows patrons of a restaurant standing for the national anthem has gone viral after leftists who watched it expressed disgust with outward displays of patriotism.

The clip, which is only 14 seconds in length, and its reaction on the platform are really a metric of where much of the population stands in regard to showing pride for their country — and displaying hostility toward those who do.

Last week, the TikTok user paulinappa_0 tagged the Fallbrook, California, restaurant Rainbow Oaks Country Market in a video.

People in the restaurant stood to recognize the American flag on a series of screens as “The Star-Spangled Banner” played.

Not so long ago, nearly everyone in such a situation would have stood to show their respect for the flag and everything it represents.

But the TikTok user who posted the clip described being present for the national anthem as, “By far the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in.”

The user also used the tags “#godblessamerica,” “#getout,” “#illegal,” and “#whitepeoplethings.”


By far the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in #godblessamerica #getout #illegal #whitepeoplethings

♬ original sound – Paulina

The modern left of course hates America and every principle it was founded on. Broadly speaking, the left looks down on people who embrace their country as simpletons.

But designating them as menacing is a new one. Being in their presence as they show respect should not elicit emotions of fear.

What is truly shocking are the responses the video received.

Out of the more than 19,000 comments the video had received as of Tuesday, an alarming number of people agreed that such a patriotic display was alarming.

“Was it like for a reason?” one commenter wrote. “Or did it just start playing randomly and they all got up on reflex?? Wild”

Another person commented, “This feels like a horror movie. Everyone stands up soon as the music plays as you find yourself being the only person not standing roll for initiative.”

Others described those who stood for the national anthem as “insane,” “cultish,” “troubling” and other words that are not worth sharing here.

One word I would use to describe those reactions is heartbreaking.

Americans have historically embraced the national anthem as an opportunity for unity. Few things other than that melody and sports are capable of bonding complete strangers.

The clip and the reaction to it are evidence of how truly divided and broken the country has become as people have resorted to extreme tribalism.

There will always be those among us who embrace both nihilism and cynicism, and they will attempt to spread it at every opportunity.

But the fact that there are so many of them is jarring.

If Americans can no longer unify under one symbol and as one people, then one has to wonder where we’re all headed next.

via westernjournal

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