Lara Trump: ‘Who Wants a President that Doesn’t Put Their Own Country First?’

Lara Trump spoke with Sean Hannity Wednesday night to discuss Donald Trump’s upcoming speech; saying the former President will discuss Joe Biden’s “detrimental” policies that are harming America.
“What can we expect from the weekend speech?” asked Hannity.
“A lot of us tried to tell the American people that this would happen if Joe Biden became the President of the United States. For the first time in a long time, Americans felt like they had someone fighting for them under Donald Trump,” said Lara Trump.
“Who wants a President that doesn’t put their own country first? You see the open border policies, amnesty, it’s really frightening to see the speed that all of this is happening… These things have really been detrimental to the future of America,” she added.
Lara Trump weighed-in Tuesday on the ongoing scandal surrounding the Obama administration and the “unmasking” of General Flynn; saying Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been caught “red-handed.”
“We learned that the Obama-Biden administration weaponized the intelligence community to take down the incoming Trump administration; targeting the National Security Advisor Michael Flynn… This is unprecedented,” said Lara Trump.

“The Obama-Biden administration has been caught red-handed… Joe Biden’s name actually appeared on the list of officials who requested the unmasking of General Flynn’s name,” she added.
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Lara Trump stopped-by ‘Hannity’ Tuesday night to weigh-in on the New Hampshire Primary; saying the Democratic Party should be “very, very nervous” about the results.
“It’s really interesting, we’ve seen Joe Biden at the top of every poll leading up to this, yet we see what’s happened to him now in New Hampshire. Obviously, it doesn’t look good for him. At the top now is Bernie Sanders, who is a self-declared ‘Socialist,’” said Trump.
“This is who’s at the top of the Democratic Party now, it’s probably making the establishment folks very, very nerous. The only energy is on the radical end of their base. How you sell that to the average American, they know they can’t do that,” she added.
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