McCarthy: Biden Admin Withholding Documents (VIDEO)

Former Trump economist Larry Kudlow interviewed Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday night covering several subjects.

Speaker McCarthy rattled off a series of lies by Joe Biden on his deals with Hunter and foreign officials. Despite this McCarthy is not committed to opening an impeachment inquiry on America’s most corrupt president.

Kevin McCarthy is the perfect example of a modern-day Republican: weak, afraid, and controlled by the Marxist left.

McCarthy tells Larry Kudlow that if the Biden administration stopped withholding information from House Republicans “that would clear most of this up.”
Really? The Biden family was caught in multi-million dollar bribery schemes. How does more documentation clear this up?

Speaker Kevin McCarthy: It is appalling of what we have learned. It is different than what President Biden had told us. He told us he had never talked to his son about any business dealings, that he’s never been involved in his family’s business, that they never received any money from China. We now learn while he was vice president, the family created 20 shell companies. They did receive more than a million dollars from China. And he did call into the business meetings, and he did go to dinners. These dinners were very profitable. They got a new Porsche. They got $3.5 million. But the really most compelling thing here is there’s somebody lying…

…And the only thing I realize here is the only stories that have not changed are the whistleblowers from the IRS. Their story has held up time and again. And it really looks like there’s two justice systems here. If the Biden administration continues to fight to withhold information that could really clear all this up. Did they take bribes? Did they deal in the business? If they hold that up, we would have to move to an impeachment inquiry, which, you know, Larry, gives the apex of power to Congress when it comes to our subpoena power and others. To get the documents we need, the bank statements, the credit card statements, and others, show us where the money went, show us were you taking money from outside sources, and that would clear most of this up, but they seem to fight it every step of the way.

…If they use this special counsel to say that they can’t provide us the information, then it just shows more politics and it will not stop us. Then we would move to impeachment inquiry and we would be able to still get the documents that we need as we move forward. They confide us. And Larry, I’ve never seen an administration use different form of government like this to withhold information since the Nixon administration. This is appalling what they’re doing. I’ve never seen a person in elected office use their office like this to have 20 shell companies. You have nine people in the family getting paid after you take certain actions. I remember what has been allocated or actually accused here is you’ve got a whistleblower that the FBI still pays, that believes heavily in way back years ago said that they are being bribed, the Biden family, but they never did anything with it. The FBI, you got IRS agents who’s telling us they got treated differently, that the FBI actually warned Hunter Biden before they wanted to go meet with him, that here we have this. Weiss, who is now the Special Counsel, literally let the statute of limitations run out on the most severe tax problems that the Biden family had, that they did you not disclose $400,000 and now get away with it without paying taxes.

Kevin McCarthy whines a lot but is not willing to do what is right to save the nation. The Marxists are destroying the country and this is what we get.

via thegatewaypundit

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