OUTRAGEOUS: Republicans Blamed For Attack on Dem (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday blamed Republicans after Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX) was carjacked at gunpoint outside his apartment building in Washington D.C.

Three black men reportedly approached Representative Cuellar while armed and demanded his car. The attackers succeeded in getting away in Cuellar’s white Honda CHR, which is registered in Texas.

Rep. Cuellar is reportedly safe and was not harmed. He thanked the Capitol Police and Metro Police for their swift action that helped recover his stolen car and belongings in less than two hours.

Carjackings are up 109% in Democrat-run DC. Democrats actually tried to lower the penalties for carjackings in DC. According to a report by Fox News, there’s only about a 25% closure rate on DC carjackings.

Democrats have also repeatedly pushed to defund the police, and in many cases successfully defanged police departments.

Karine Jean-Pierre said Republicans are to blame for the surge in carjackings in Democrat-run DC.

“If a member of Congress is not safe on the streets of the nation’s capital, who is?” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked KJP.

*KJP blames Republicans*


Peter Doocy pressed KJP: “How are you going to blame Republicans for [Cuellar being carjacked]? Isn’t D.C. run by a bunch of Democrats?”

KJP once again deflected: “I’m going to speak to what [Biden] has done…American Rescue Plan, not Republican…voted for it. Not one…Billions of dollars…to make sure communities…got funding that they could indeed hire more police officers, so that they can keep their communities safe. Republicans had nothing to do with that…That’s just a fact.”


via thegatewaypundit

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