Kamala Harris Welcomed to NYC with “F&ck Joe Biden and De Blasio” Chants

Kamala Harris in NYC is given the welcome of a liar, cheater, and thief.  

We love Trump reports:

Well, things have gotten so bad that even in deep blue NYC, there are more anti-Biden protesters than supporters.

Kamala Harris went to Carnegie Hall last night to enjoy a performance.

But rather than being greeted by adoring fans and voters, she was booed.

As her vehicle arrived with New York’s new Democrat governor Hochul the crowd chanted in unison, “F&ck Joe Biden and De Blasio”.  New York City’s Mayor is maybe even more disliked than Biden or Harris.

If people are this angry against Biden and Kamala in NYC, imagine the red wave rising across the rest of the nation.

via freedomjournalist

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