Kamala Harris Is An Embarrassment the Media Can’t Spin Away

Where to begin.
One of the more alarming features of the current occupier administration is that both the president and vice-president are obviously in over their heads and neither of them are able to hide that fact whenever they are on camera. It’s as if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in a race to the bottom with each public appearance. This past week, alleged Veep Harris, um, won.
Bless their hearts, the behind-the-scenes puppet masters controlling this administration have yet to learn that they should keep both Biden and Harris as far the hell away from cameras as possible. True, they can’t just keep them both in the basement — the COVID panic train has left the building — but they could greatly limit the exposure for both of them. Tell the public that they’re hunkered down and working on matters of national security, or something.
My magnificently acerbic colleague VodkaPundit wrote about one of Madame Cackle’s most recent on-camera debacles in his Insanity Wrap on Wednesday. I’ll give you the video first, then a bit of Mr. Green’s commentary:

Now this gem from VodkaPundit:
Insanity Wrap hates it, we really do, when we’re forced to inflict yet another cringe-worthy, testicle-shrinking Kamala Harris clip on you.
It is important to remind ourselves of just what an off-putting, ignorant idiot the woman a heartbeat away from the presidency is, especially since that heart is 78-years-old. Nobody likes this woman, not even her own party. She went from being in the upper echelon of the crowded Democratic field in the summer of 2019 to out of the race in December. Democrats found her so distasteful that they threw her from the top of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary mountain before 2020 even got here.
Harris’s precipitous fall from the top tier — as she called it — of the Democratic field began almost the moment she arrived there. Apparently unaware of the purpose of presidential primary debates, Her Kamalaness did not enjoy being challenged by her opponents. She would become very snippy and condescending, and it was — in classic Harris fashion — painful to watch. As we now know, Democrats were merely looking for a nominee who could bark “TRUMP BAD, PANDEMIC!” on a loop, which Biden’s handlers had decided was the most they could expect of him off-leash.
After the Democratic voters saw Harris’s cranky side they said, “Yeah…no.”
Some PR people must have attempted to give Harris a personality makeover once she was tapped as Biden’s running mate. All they managed to teach her was to smile excessively every time she was irritated after being asked a question. The condescension still oozes out of her every pore, which makes her smile overcompensation an even bigger train wreck.
To wit:

“I’m not finished.”
Well, you should be.
We were at least spared the God-awful cackle that Harris employs whenever she’s completely cornered and gets so flustered that she forgets how to use her words.
The prime directive for the mainstream media at the moment is to cover for the endless supply of screw-ups by the president and his VP by saying, “Republicans are mean!” Ever the faithful Democratic lap dog, Lester Holt prefaced his comment to Harris about a Democrat asking her to go to the border by saying, “I know that Republicans have certainly come at you on this.”
What Holt should have done was press Harris on her stunningly nonsensical “I haven’t been to Europe,” reply (accompanied by the requisite cackle) after he pressed her on why she hasn’t been to the border. I might cut him some slack here though. It was so full of mind-numbing illogic that he was probably left with no words.
Harris’s trip was so bad that the mainstream political media has been forced to acknowledge it, then do what it’s tasked with doing: bend over backwards to make excuses for her.
On Thursday, Politico Playbook led with the headline: “Former Harris aides: Foreign trip exposed her political weakness.”
The authors offered the perfunctory “Republican meanies” shtick, then shifted to some gargantuan a** covering for the VP, breaking down her performance into policy and politics, insisting that she did well on the former but “could have been smoother” on the latter.
They then threw a new twist into the spin cycle: throwing Biden under the bus.
Some folks in Harris’ orbit think Biden isn’t doing her any favors. The president has been largely able to dodge the issue of immigration and the border, as Harris absorbs almost all the incoming.
CNN’s Maeve Reston got in on the action too with a post titled “Kamala Harris’ rocky first foreign trip.”
It’s a long article that one would presume to be critical after reading the headline. Reston waits until the sixth paragraph to criticize Harris, and then only for two paragraphs.
Reston’s third paragraph, however, kicked off with the “Republican meanies” narrative. After the two above mentioned paragraphs, Reston devotes the next six to more “Republican meanies” garbage, finishing with this slanderous dig against my colleague Katie Pavilich:
It is clear that some of the criticism of Harris, especially in conservative media, is more acute because she is the first Black, female vice president. For example, Fox News commentator Katie Pavlich claimed Tuesday that Harris was chosen by Biden “based on gender and skin color rather than actual talent and expertise” — an offensive comment that overlooks the record and achievements of the former prosecutor who served as California attorney general and a US senator.
Katie was telling the truth, as evidenced by the thinly veiled “Republicans are all racists” lead-in.
Even liberals hate Harris’s record as a prosecutor and California’s AG. Her tenure as a US Senator was brief and undistinguished.
As I continue to explain to people, Harris didn’t ascend in California politics because she was particularly good at anything. All any Democrat with aspirations for the state house or Congress in California has to do is meet the right money people. The Golden State is so dominated by Dems at the upper levels that success is practically a foregone conclusion once they do.
Kamala Harris is not good at any of what she is expected to do. She’s not going to get any better. All of the media spin to the contrary isn’t going to cover it up.
Keep that heart healthy, Joe.
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