Clinton’s Rape Accuser Breaks The Silence

Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick reacted to the unsealing of U.S. court documents regarding individuals linked to the late convicted pedophile financier, Jeffrey Epstein, recalling what the former president allegedly said after allegedly raping her.

“After Bill Clinton viciously raped me, he said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m sterile due to mumps when I was a boy,’” Broaddrick claimed.

“Then he told me, ‘You’d better put some ice on that,’ pointing to my swollen and bleeding lip.’ There are good men…….and then there’s Bill Clinton,” she added:

Her remarks follow the unsealing of court documents detailing witness statements about people linked to the convicted sex offender. Clinton’s name is mentioned dozens of times.

The documents include the 2016 testimony of Johanna Sjoberg, whom Epstein recruited to work as a massage therapist. She reportedly told her lawyers that Epstein relayed to her that “Clinton likes them young, referring to girls,” but a spokesperson for Clinton has reportedly denied any wrongdoing from Clinton, asserting that he did not know about Epstein’s “terrible crimes.”

via joemiller

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