Joe Rogan – EXPOSING The Rigged Election Against Trump (VIDEO)

In a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Joe Rogan delved into the subject of election interference and how media manipulation and Big Tech influence during the 2020 presidential election.

He spoke at length about how narratives from major news outlets and social media platforms skewed public opinion, even implying that these actions might have affected the final outcome.

Rogan opened the discussion by challenging the audience’s perception of the 2020 election: “Was the election rigged? But even if it wasn’t rigged, let’s say it wasn’t rigged… it was rigged by the media for sure.”

Rogan cited two prominent instances that, in his view, demonstrate media bias: the handling of the Hunter Biden laptop case and the narrative around Russia collusion.

“Just those two narratives that they knew were not true, that they pushed out in front of everybody, and that we know had to do with trying to get rid of Trump,” said Rogan during his podcast with American stand-up comedian Tom Segura on July 4th.

Segura responded, “One over-reporting, and one under-reporting.”

Rogan further elaborated, “That is in many ways, it’s the manipulation of a public narrative. It’s a manipulation of what the people think is real and not real.”

According to Rogan, this manipulation led to a widespread belief that then-President Donald Trump was in collusion with Russia. He argued this was part of a larger effort to sway public opinion and ultimately influence the outcome of the election.

“Everybody thought [Trump] was in collusion with Russia. It’s what everybody thought. All these mainstream, except Fox News they were the only ones that weren’t pushing it, everybody else was pushing it,” Rogan added.

“It was sold hard,” Segura responded.

Rogan also scrutinized big tech’s role in the election, pointing out that social media giants like Twitter and Facebook were involved in controlling information dissemination.

“It was not true, and it’s proven to be not true. And then there’s the Hunter Biden laptop thing, which they knew was true and they said wasn’t true. They stopped people from sharing it on social media. They stopped people from sharing on Twitter,” Rogan said.

He recalled how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the FBI informed them about “Russian disinformation” related to the Hunter Biden laptop story, leading Facebook to limit the spread of that information.

“Zuckerberg sat in that very chair and said that the FBI contacted Facebook and told them that it was Russian disinformation. They were getting a bunch of Russian disinformation. So they limited the people’s spread of that. I don’t know how they did it. I don’t know exactly what they did to limit the distribution of that article,” Rogan added.

Throughout the conversation, Rogan expressed concern over what he saw as a lack of oversight and punishment for these actions.

“It’s wild shit. And no one cares. No one’s up in arms. No one’s freaking out, because that is a way that you’re going to rig an election without rigging an election.

“And the fact that they were willing to do that and that there’s no oversight, no one can stop them from doing that, and then there’s no punishment for them doing that. That’s scary.

“Whether you like that guy or not. We have to follow the rules. We have to. And if we don’t follow the rules because we don’t like somebody and we break the law because we don’t like somebody, we don’t want them to win.

“Now, this is Banana Republic. That’s scary. And the fact that they were willing to do that and that there’s no oversight, no one can stop them from doing that, and then there’s no punishment for them doing that,” Rogan concluded.

You can listen to the full episode below:

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