J6 BOMBSHELL: Pelosi’s Security Detail Head Accused of Perjury

The Blaze just dropped a massive bombshell that, if true, further threatens the foundation of the Democrats’ Jan. 6 narrative.

“Thanks to new House Speaker Mike Johnson, We now have permission to release Capitol CCTV footage proving that a member of Nancy Pelosi’s security detail, Special Agent David Lazarus, perjured himself on the stand during the Oath Keepers trial,” the outlet posted Monday on X.

The Oath Keepers were one of the groups present at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Many members were charged with and found guilty of serious felonies for their actions that day, including seditious conspiracy.

According to the Blaze, Lazarus, the head of Pelosi’s security detail, corroborated the testimony of Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, who claimed he had an “antagonistic encounter with the Oath Keepers” during the incursion.

However, the video footage released by the Blaze does not appear to support that version of events.

The report from the Blaze goes into further detail, alleging that Dunn gave two FBI interviews that were “in conflict with one another” — in the first claiming the Oath Keepers protected him, and in the second claiming he had to fight them off while they hurled racial insults at him.

This is where Lazarus comes in to testify that he saw Dunn “being hassled by these Oath Keepers.”

But according to the Blaze, none of that is true. The footage shows the Oath Keepers calmly standing between Dunn and “more agitated protesters,” just as Dunn described in his first FBI interview.

Not only that, but Lazarus was not even in the building when the alleged altercation took place.

Instead, CCTV footage shows that he was in “another Senate office building across the street” and missed the encounter by several minutes, only reaching the area once the Oath Keepers had left.

None of that, the Blaze claims, stopped Lazarus from making up a corroborating story out of whole cloth. Thus, “Harry Dunn was made a hero by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, and as a result of his and David Lazarus’s false testimony, there are innocent people in prison.”

“The government lied about this,” the Blaze’s X post said. “What else are they lying about?”


Granted, it’s difficult to tell if any footage has been cherry-picked or withheld to bolster the Blaze’s claims. But if the outlet’s reporting is correct, then another one of the foundations of the Jan. 6 “insurrection” narrative has crumbled.

Not even taking this footage into account, there is too much about the establishment media’s Jan. 6 narrative that doesn’t add up.

Too many times the story has been distorted and stretched, like some sort of malevolent game of telephone, until we get to a hysterical account that treats the Capitol incursion as the equivalent of Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

If the Blaze’s report is true, the questions remain: Who set up Dunn and Lazarus to make up this story and lie on the stand? Why wasn’t the security footage released until plenty of people were already sentenced? People who, if the Blaze is to be believed, were thrown in jail based on perjured testimony.

Perjury is a serious crime — remember that Bill Clinton was impeached because he perjured himself, and that was over a comparatively much less serious matter. If it can be proved that Dunn and Lazarus perjured themselves, they could face up to five years of prison time.

Regardless, the fact that this footage is only now coming to light further demonstrates just how untrustworthy the federal government is.

As the Blaze asked, if they were hiding a lie as grotesque as this seems to be, what else are they hiding about Jan. 6?

via patriottruthnews

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