It Sure Looks Like Biden Was Going to Leave an American Behind in Afghanistan

So, with Afghanistan now back in the hands of the Taliban, we’re rushing to get the hell out of there. For all the talk of standing by our Afghan allies, Joe Biden decided to say ‘see ya later.’ Look, I’m no longer persuaded by the neoconservative argument anymore. Frankly, most of the country is sick of it. We’re done nation-building. We’ve seen how trying to transport democracy into regions that have zero historical ties to such ideals is a failure. American troops don’t facilitate its growth either. It’s too much blood and treasure. I think we should have left Afghanistan, but there’s a right way to do it. Like making sure we don’t leave key allies behind and their families—since these people would certainly be killed, valuable military equipment, arms, and hostages. Apparently, these items didn’t cross the Biden administration’s mind. It’s why you see Taliban fighters perusing through weapons caches we left behind. Being photographed near Humvees and MRAP we left behind. An F-16 flight simulator is in the hands of the Taliban, as are attack helicopters. And now, as the chinooks are flying into Kabul to get our people out, we apparently forgot about Mark Frerichs.
Frerichs disappeared in Afghanistan in early 2020. He’s a civil engineer and a US Navy veteran.

via joemiller

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