Is Kamala OK? Confused VP Harris Makes “Head Scratcher’ Claim

Americans don't need to abandon their faith to support abortion rights in the U.S., Vice President Kamala Harris argued Wednesday.

Harris made the statement while speaking at an abortion rights conference in Connecticut, joining a panel discussion alongside Planned Parenthood president Alexis McGill Johnson and Rep. Jahana Hayes, D-Conn. Hayes pressed Harris to explain how a person might still support abortion rights even if their religious beliefs declare it immoral.

"What would you say to someone who understands why abortion should be a personal decision between a pregnant person and whomever else they decide to include in the conversation, but believes they can't reconcile it with their faith?" Hayes asked, reading a question from the audience.

"That's such an important point to raise," Harris responded. "It is her choice and it should be her choice to make, if she chooses a consultation with a loved one, with a healthcare provider, with her faith leader." 

via unsilencednews

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