Is Deep State Behind Efforts to Release Bogus Hunter Biden Laptop Pics?

Numerous individuals have reported on the shocking information on the Hunter laptop.  Along with The Gateway Pundit are reporters at the New York Post, The Daily Mail, and more.  We reported the week before the 2020 Election many shady and disgusting family secrets that were found on the laptop.  One of the sickest stories we posted was the fact that Hunter set up a pornhub account and shared pictures of himself and a family member on the site.

The laptop was obtained by computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac.  From him, the laptop took on a life of its own.  The FBI obtained the original laptop but recently shared that they did not know where it was.  The Head of cyber at the FBI claims he doesn’t know where it’s at.

In addition, reports from the other side of the globe assert that lots more data was found on the laptop.  We reported on this less than a week ago.  These reports claim that 450 GB of deleted content from the Hunter Biden laptop was found. This allegedly includes 80,000 images/videos and more than 120,000 archived emails.

However, John Paul Mac Isaac says this cannot be the case.  He shared the following on Newsmax.

In addition, we’ve reported that other experts agree with Isaac and claim that there is no way that 450 GB of data could be located on the Hunter Biden laptop.  It’s impossible. One expert explained it this way:

Due to the condition and stability of HB’s liquid-damaged MacBook Pro, John Paul MacIsaac was unable to perform a block recovery or a true clone of the drive. Instead, he performed a manual data copy from the intermittently powering off the laptop. He was successful in recovering the contents of the user’s home folder, a total of around 220GB of data off the 256GB non-removable SSD…

…On August 28 2020, John Paul MacIsaac overnighted a 500 GB external SSD drive with a copy of the HB laptop image to Rudy Giuliani’s office. At the time of shipment, Giuliani’s drive was about 60% full (300 GB/500 GB)…

…[A claim that] an additional 450 GB [of data was found] from the copy of the laptop drive is false because a copy based on a drive that originated from John Paul MacIsaac’s image didn’t have this amount of storage capacity in the first place.

It is technically impossible to recover 450 GB of erased data from a 256 GB drive source.

When you delete a file from a computer, you are telling the OS to forget the location of that file on the drive, but the file is still there. It is possible to recover a deleted file as long as the OS hasn’t written new data over the file’s previous location. If 450 GB of data was un-deleted from the drive, that would leave 250 GB of data recovered beyond the original 500 GB drive capacity. The newly discovered 450 GB of data combined with the existing original 300 GB data would require the original copy of the drive to be at least 750 GB. The backup drive only had 500 GB.

There appears to be a real possibility that the effort to claim additional information has been found on Hunter’s laptop will include some sick child porn or something similar.  Because it is illegal to distribute this type of garbage, the FBI will get involved and investigate everyone who had any contact with Hunter’s laptop to date in an effort to charge them with handling or distributing child porn.

The list of individuals who have had access to data on Hunter Biden’s laptop is extensive.  It not only includes the publishers and reporters named above, but it also includes Rudi Giuliani and others who received the data.

Of note is that the data on Hunter’s laptop to date does not include pictures of child porn, that we have seen.  The laptop does have texts referring to Hunter’s actions with a minor.  There are also pictures of at least one minor on the laptop, but these pictures alone would not be considered child porn.  Any information to date showing Hunter with children was not found on the laptop and may have been inserted on the Net to muddy up the water.

An additional important note to date is that the individuals who have seen and possessed Hunter Biden’s laptop to date are not part of the Big Media establishment.  They all are conservatives who are seeking the truth.  Targeting those who saw or possessed Hunter’s laptop would be another attack on courageous Americans seeking the truth.

This all sounds like something the Deep State would do.

via theroaringamerican

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