Innocence Shattered: Israeli-American Teen’s Brave Act Amidst Horror (VIDEO)

An Israeli-American teen saw his parents murdered by the savage Hamas terrorists while playing dead to save his life. Rotem Mathias, 16, was at home with his parents when Hamas invaded their kibbutz in Be’er Sheva. The family attempted to block the doors with furniture but could not hold back the terror group from breaking in.

Hamas opened fire and as bullets were rapidly going through the windows, Rotem watched as his parents were murdered in cold blood. He said: “The terrorists shot open the door.” After throwing explosives, his dad lost his arm and his mom died on top of him. Rotem quietly laid down and played dead under a bloody cloth.

As evil as these terrorists are, the level of depravity is even more evident in that they returned to see if there were any survivors, so they could finish them off. The Islamic terrorists then set fire to his home and other homes in the kibbutz. Mathias was able to get out and was rescued by the Israeli Defense Forces.

ABC News reported:

BE’ER SHEVA, Israel — When Hamas militants stormed into Rotem Mathias’ kibbutz in southern Israel last Saturday, the 16-year-old helped his parents barricade the doors of their home with anything they could find — mattresses and tables. But it wasn’t enough.

The militants opened fire at their house, spraying bullets through the windows. Mathias’ parents, Shlomi and Deborah, were killed before his eyes.

“The terrorists shot open the door,” Mathias, a dual Israeli-American citizen, recalled during an interview with ABC News that aired Wednesday on “Good Morning America.”

“They throw a grenade or something that exploded,” he continued. “The last thing my dad said is he lost his arm and then my mom died on top of me.”

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On Monday, The Gateway Pundit reported about a mother and daughter who went missing in Israel after visiting family. They were from Chicago and were most likely captured by Hamas.

A mother and daughter from Chicago are missing in Israel. Relatives said that they feared that Hamas had taken them hostage.

Judith Tai Raanan and her daughter Natalie Raanan were in a village near Gaza when Hamas attacked the area on Saturday. Natalie’s father and uncle said they have not heard from either of them and fear that they are among the women that Hamas targeted.

The family is staying in contact with the U.S. Embassy to try and figure out what happened to the two women.

Current information as of Wednesday puts the total number of Americans murdered by Hamas at a minimum of 22.

via thegatewaypundit

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