ICE officers will need to ask permission before arresting many illegals

Biden’s DHS is putting the squeeze on ICE by forcing them to prioritize who the arrest and mandating they request permission before arresting anyone outside very narrow parameters:
FOX NEWS – Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers will need preapproval from managers to arrest some illegal immigrants if they do not fall into narrow categories, due to new guidance released Thursday.
Under the new guidance from the Biden administration, ICE would focus on three categories of immigrants: those who pose a threat to national security; those who have crossed the border since Nov. 1, and those who committed “aggravated felonies.”
The guidance is temporary, lasting three months, until the Department of Homeland Security can issue further guidance. Officials said the guidance does not explicitly prevent anyone from being arrested or deported. Instead, it directs resources at certain targets. However, field officers seeking to arrest someone outside of those three categories would need approval from their chain of command.
“By focusing our limited resources on cases that present threats to national security, border security, and public safety, our agency will more ably and effectively execute its law enforcement mission,” ICE acting Director Tae Johnson said in a statement. “Like every law enforcement agency at the local, state, and federal level, we must prioritize our efforts to achieve the greatest security and safety impact.”
The new guidance also requires ICE to submit weekly arrest reports to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.
The guidelines also give the agency room to let illegal immigrants stay in the country, with officers told to consider factors such as ties to the community and personal circumstances — including those who have a serious physical or mental illness.
Biden’s DHS had sought to impose a 100-day moratorium on deporations but had been blocked by a federal judge due to a lawsuit by Texas. While the new guidance limits agents, it is a far cry from that radical measure.
But it is the latest move to liberalize the U.S. approach to illegal immigration from the tougher approach under former President Donald Trump. On Thursday, congressional Democrats unveiled a bill backed by Biden that would grant a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants.
As soon as the courts told Biden he couldn’t halt deportations, I told you this would happen. This is Biden’s way of going around the court, using the old Obama trick of ‘prioritization’ as an excuse to stop deportations.
So essentially ICE cannot arrest and deport any illegals in this country for the next three months who came here illegally before November 1st AND aren’t a violent criminal or a national security threat.
I know the author of this article, Fox News reporter Adam Shaw, said this isn’t as radical a measure as the deportation moratorium but it isn’t a far cry from it. Biden is tying the hands of ICE officials in order to keep illegals here so they will vote Democrat for years to come.
I know I say this a lot, but it really is disgusting.
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