Hunter Biden’s Web of Influence – Network of Extensive Ties REVEALED

At a time when evidence suggests Hunter Biden was marketing access to his father to multiple foreign interests, he also was reaching out to many individuals who now are senior-level aides to Joe Biden.

The efforts to make contact, and possibly build relationships, extends back a decade, according to an analysis from Fox News, and involves a dozen officials including Joe Biden’s national security adviser.

Hunter Biden is expected to make an initial court appearance on July 26 on two misdemeanors involving nonpayment of taxes on millions of dollars in income. Those minor counts were proposed by federal prosecutors who had a long list of potential felonies available to them. Further, if he does a diversion program, he’ll be let off a felony gun count entirely.

However, investigators for the U.S. House are just now sinking their teeth into a series of allegations about how the Biden clan members effectively sold access to Joe Biden. The evidence says they were paid tens of millions of dollars and had no service to provide, apparently, except access to Joe Biden.

The House even now is reviewing what policy decisions made by Biden over the years may have been made in order to benefit those making the payments to family members.

A Fox analysis shows Hunter’s reach to cabinet members and others.

For example, Hunter Biden and President Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, “served together on the board of the Truman National Security Project, a liberal foreign policy think tank, for roughly two years before Sullivan joined the president’s campaign in 2020,” the report said.

They both were on the board from about 2017 to 2019 and Sullivan “was recently accused by former White House official Mike McCormick of being a ‘conspirator’ in the Biden family’s ‘kickback scheme’ in Ukraine when Biden was vice president,” the report said.

It is from a Ukrainian interest that both Joe and Hunter Biden allegedly took bribes of $5 million, according to evidence now being released.

Hunter Biden also met with now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the report said.

Emails reviewed by Fox News Digital said the contact came about after Hunter emailed Blinken, then deputy secretary of state, and asked for the meeting.

The report added that emails from Hunter’s “infamous laptop” confirmed his ties to Blinken as well as Blinken’s wife, Evan Ryan, dating back a decade.

Further, the report noted Ryan, now White House cabinet secretary, conversed often with Hunter Biden during the Obama year

Other names revealed in the review of Hunter Biden’s contacts included Jeff Zients, now White House chief of staff, former Joe Biden aide Anne Marie Muldoon, Kathy Chung, Ron Klain, Elizabeth Alexander, Annie Tomasini, Michael Donilon, Steve Ricchetti, Louisa Terrell and many more.

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