Hunter Sends Out an S.O.S. – Former GOP Congressman Answers

CBS News reports that Hunter Biden is getting new help from an old friend of the current regime — a development which many describe as a Deep State rescue operation for the Resident in Chief’s ne’er-do-well son.

Former Virginia Republican Representative and senior technical advisor to the January 6th Select Committee Denver Riggleman confirmed the CBS report. Riggleman is proud to be working with Hunter Biden.

In a Wednesday morning tweet, Riggleman, a former intelligence analyst, further explains his current position.

“Truth Matters,” Riggleman tweets, “When I took this job, I wasn’t pro-Hunter or anti-Hunter. I am pro-data and facts. Forensics make clear that considerable information linked to Hunter Biden is questionable.”

Supporters of Joe Biden’s crack-loving and compromised son say the addition of Riggleman to Hunter’s defense team represents a troubling development for the GOP.

“When Riggleman gets involved in things,” tweeted Jack Hopkins, “The truth is revealed.”

Former Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger took a short break from simping for Ukraine to express his excitement over the Riggleman news.

“If ANYONE has altered Hunter’s information or tried to plant anything, Denver will find it,” Kinzinger tweeted, “He’s the best there is.”

However excited BlueAnon may be at the moment, many suggest the fix is already in for the Biden Family’s future in politics and that the establishment wants them gone.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, even Democrats are weary after two and a half years of disastrous administration.

Reports of cocaine at the White House certainly don’t improve Biden’s situation.

FBI Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin expressed upset that he wasn’t invited to the “Coke and Hoes Mixer”

All jokes about an 80’s themed Weekend at Biden’s Party aside, accusations of Deep State defense are numerous.

“Republicans are coming to the aid of Hunter Biden in an effort to stop Congress from connecting the president to his son’s influence-peddling schemes,” tweeted noteworthy influencer @amuse.

Riggleman, however, says his only interest is providing the American people with facts.

“Sourcing, expert data analysis, and facts-based insights are the only way,” Riggleman tweets, “I look forward to the truth coming out.”

But with Michelle Obama, Gavin Newsom, and many others anxiously awaiting their turn at selection, it’s doubtful the Deep State really wants to save Hunter Biden or his senile father.

The “Truth” is more subjective than ever.

via thegatewaypundit


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