Laptop Lawsuit Deposition – Hunter Smiling

First son Hunter Biden was quizzed for more than six hours Thursday as part of the civil lawsuit brought by Delaware computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac, who came into possession of the privileged political scion’s now infamous laptop in 2019.

Hunter, 53, did not answer questions from a Post reporter as he left the Wilmington law firm where his deposition took place.

Mac Isaac had sued the first son for defamation last year, alleging he left the store owner to twist in the wind for years while falsely insisting that the laptop was not his, that it had been stolen, or that his information had been hacked.

Biden failed to retrieve the laptop from Mac Isaac’s store in April 2019 — despite attempts by Mac Isaac to contact him.

As part of Thursday’s deposition, Hunter was asked to turn over his unredacted bank records from April 2019.

via joemiller

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