Human Smuggling Investigation, Police Find Over 90 People in a Single Home

An apparent human smuggling operation has been disrupted, after police on Friday found 91 people inside a southwest Houston residence.
Houston Police first responded to a call concerning a possible kidnapping late on Thursday, according to KPRC-TV.
Eventually, after working through the night, police obtained a search warrant.
“When we got into the house we realized there were over 90 people inside. We immediately began to assess any threats and render medical care,” Houston Police Assistant Chief Daryn Edwards said. “It was very surprising.”

“This is definitely more of a smuggling thing and not a trafficking thing,” Edwards added, according to KHOU-TV.
Police believe that they were contacted with the kidnapping report by someone who is related to one of the people in the house, KXAN-TV reported.

The department additionally revealed their concerns that many of the people rescued likely have COVID-19, noting that some reported fevers and others, a loss of smell — both symptoms of the disease — according to KHOU.
Only five of those in the house were female, police said. Although there were no children in the house, police told reporters the upper age limit of those found was in the late 30s.
People discovered in the house said they had not eaten in some time.
“They were basically in there, in their basic clothing, and all huddled together,” Edwards said, according to the Independent.
Edwards said sorting through the 91 people would take some time.
“We’ve got to separate who the victims are, versus who, as you can imagine, somebody that would be involved in something like this, as soon as they realise we’re here, they’re probably going to try to become a part of them,” he said.
He added that many of the people in the house said they were from Central America.

This week, in response to a rise in human smuggling, the Department of Homeland Security announced it would be launching a new initiative titled “Operation Sentinel,” according to NBC News.
“We will identify the smugglers and their associates and employ a series of targeted actions and sanctions against them. We will have a broad approach and a strong one. It will include every authority in our arsenal, including revocation of travel documents … freezing of banking and other financial assets, and these are just some of the examples,” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said.
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  1. Operation Sentinel: very apropos name ("stand by and watch") for this whole crisis. I'm sure the sanctions to be applied will be against every law enforcement department that gets involved. I have no appropriate words for how disgusting this administration is.


  3. This will only get worse and worse as long as the borders remain open. This is insanity. WE ARE SUPPORTING DRUG CARTELS! For crying out loud, the insanity can't be allowed to continue. Thank the democrats ..... again and again and again.

  4. Actually, this is BiteMe's plan, in action . . . . to convert stable suburbs by dropping property values for folks who live there, so illegals can move in. The Demented-Dem overall plan is to drop quality of life so it more accurately reflects the quality of life that illegals bring with them. If you live in a "targeted" suburb, now is the time to sell and move to, who knows where, as BiteMe and his Clueless Cabinet have at least 2 years to screw working Americans.

    • This is what Obama did to Long Island, quietly dumped over 8,000 illegals into areas to try to change the Democraphics.

  5. What do you know -- the police finally discovered one of obama,biden and the democrat party's houses of illegal voters they are trying to smuggle into the country. I'll bet this is the last we ever here of this and they will end up scattered in all different parts of the country before it can really be investigated.

  6. Send the trash back over the border ASAP i do not want my tax dollars spent on housing and feeding and delousing them.

  7. Biden, et al are the very people who have participated in human and drug trafficking for decades...that's part of the means by which they became so wealthy and the means by which others were blackmailed and threatened. All moves for domination and power. Flooding the country with wave after wave of illegals to crash the economy and for a permanent voting class of new Dems, displacing ALL Republican voters. Christian groups are being paid off to aid and abet this illegal movement of people..which occurred under the former Obama-Biden administration. Bribes paid to others. It's just started up again. End border protection, end building of the wall, end ICE, end laws governing movement of illegals across the border; send in MS-13, terrorists, drug/human traffickers..take our police and guns away; create an unsafe out of control environment...What President of the USA allows this? Certainly not one who believes in this country, our laws and our Constitution. He is a pawn of the global cabal, fulfilling their wishes (Obama's 3rd term) to destroy America and create a globalist controlled 3rd world entity.

  8. Some things never change; the democrat party has always been the party of slavery---and the Klu Klux Klan----like big time democrat Byrd--He was a Grand wizard.


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