Steve Bannon Raided During Show on ‘Biden Family Corruption’- See WHY

Steve Bannon was swatted Thursday during the broadcast of his daily “War Room” show as police officers converged on his Washington, D.C., home.

In an all-too-familiar scenario, the former Trump administration White House chief strategist was in his home when someone called the police in an attempt to have him or someone else harmed.

The idea behind swatting is that police might believe they are entering a potentially dangerous situation in which they might open fire.

Bannon has been the victim of swatting numerous times throughout the past year.

During his show Thursday, in which he discussed Biden family corruption, he informed his audience of the latest instance.

“We got swatted in the middle of the show when I was in the C block in the first hour,” Bannon said to his audience.

He said the goal of those who have been targeting him is to silence him.

“What they’re trying to do on the swats is they’re trying to have suicide [or, in this case, murder] by police. They’re trying to make sure that something happens here that one of the police officers gets concerned about what’s going on and actually starts off firing,” Bannon said.

Bannon said as police arrived at his home he tried not to break his concentration.

“I’m telling my team, ‘Hey, can you knock it off?” he told his audience. “I’ve got to concentrate here. We’re actually getting swatted here.”

Bannon said those who made the call are criminals.

“They’re criminals and here’s why: They fear this audience,” he said. “They understand that this is ascendant.

“What they’re gonna try to do is take any voice — whether it’s Donald Trump or Tucker Carlson or Steve Bannon of the ‘War Room,’ — they’re gonna try to eliminate all those voices,” he continued.

Bannon commented that whoever is targeting him hopes to ultimately affect voters and influence elections.

“They understand that an informed electorate is [an] electorate that will demand consent to the governed and the governed, right now, are not consenting to this, whether it’s on the southern border of this country or … other investigations,” he concluded.

Bannon’s “War Room” producer told The Post Millennial the show was able to stay on the air while police were at his home.

“And we stayed live!” the person said.

The host also briefly commented on the apparent attempt on his life to the outlet when he said, “Honey badger don’t give a s**t.”

Bannon associated Breitbart News with a honey badger during his time as the company’s executive chairman, and a journalist later compared Bannon himself to the animal in a profile.

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