Hillary Clinton: Republicans are ‘turning themselves into a cult’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday during an interview that the Republicans are “turning themselves into a cult.”
“It is really troubling to see the Republican party turn themselves into a cult and you know, basically pledge allegiance, not to the United States of America, but to Donald Trump — something I do not understand, I cannot accept,” Clinton said on “Washington Post Live.”
Clinton said she believed most Americans oppose Trump’s dominance of politics, given the election of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and the popularity of Biden’s American Rescue Plan.
“I don’t understand why the Republican Party is so afraid of itself,” Clinton said during the video.
Clinton said Republicans fear Trump will back their primary opponents, who “will demand loyalty to Trump” rather than to the GOP and to the country.
“I think this will eventually burn out. I hope it happens sooner not later,” Clinton said during the video. “The country should not be so much in turmoil and really at the whim of someone who is so indifferent to more than 500,000 deaths from COVID, from, you know, white supremacists and nationalists storming our capitol and everything else that he has either blessed or ignored.”

Clinton praised House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney and other congressional Republicans for publicly opposing Trump and voting to impeach and convict the former president.
“I just wish that more Republicans had had either the courage or the understanding of what they needed to do, that they too had stood up and spoken out,” Clinton said during the video.
The House impeached the former president on Jan. 13 a second time, charging him with a single article of “incitement of insurrection” after the Jan. 6 riot on the Capitol building. The Senate voted 57-43 in February to convict Trump, but lacked the necessary 67 votes to convict him.
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