Half of the voters think Congress didn’t have a ‘fair hearing’ to election fraud

Joe Biden may have been sworn in as president on Wednesday and Kamala Harris as vice president.
But that doesn’t mean many Americans believe it was right.
A new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen found only 49% of voters believe election fraud allegations were given a “fair hearing” by Congress.
Almost 4 in 10, 38%, said the allegations were “swept under the rug.”
Among the concerns that were raised after the November vote.
The poll found 45% of voters 45-54 and half of those 55-64 said the problems were “swept under the rug.” Also 47% of those over 65.
Forty-three percent of whites and one-third of Hispanics agreed. The stark division in the country remains, with 70% of Republicans, 74% of those who are very conservative and 51% of rural residents agreeing.
Even 10% of Democrats said Congress should have done more investigating.
via wnd

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