Gov. Cuomo Gave Special Treatment to Brother Chris While New Yorkers Perished

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reportedly gave special COVID-19 testing privileges to his family and other “well-connected figures” in the state, raising eyebrows since state laws ban officials “from using their positions to secure privileges for themselves or others.”
While people around New York struggled to obtain coronavirus testing, Cuomo and his administration organized special access to state testing for those close to him, a new report from the Washington Post suggests. Cuomo reportedly gave the green light for a “top state doctor” and other health officials to swab those receiving the special treatment at their homes and “immediately” process the results marked “only by initials or numbers” in a state lab, sometimes delivering the specimens by “state police troopers.”
“Initially, the lab was capable of running only several hundred tests a day for a state with 19 million residents,” the Washington Post reported, noting that “employees in the state health laboratory were kept past their shifts until late into the night to process results of those close to Cuomo.”
One of the alleged beneficiaries of this Cuomo-orchestrated prioritization was infamous CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who repeatedly ran interference for his brother in the early months of the pandemic by joking around on live television and refusing to ask him questions about the rising nursing home death toll that resulted from the governor’s deadly policy.
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