Get ready for rise of ‘neopronouns’

(THE BLAZE) – The Blaze has reported frequently on the increasing use of alternate pronouns over recent years. Just in December, in fact, news hit that the admission application for a business school offered a whopping 27 alternate pronouns that prospective students could choose from — you know, inventions such as “ey,” “xie,” “hir,” “vis,” and “eirs” in case the apparently outdated “she” and “he” don’t suffice.
Well, the New York Times calls such newly created terms “neopronouns” — and according to the paper, we ain’t seen a thing yet. The Times on Thursday published a nearly 2,000-word article on the topic, revealing for starters that the phenomenon of using “they” and “them” to describe a single person is becoming normal.
But that’s old hat. Turns out that neopronouns — created terms like “ze” and “zir” that gloss over gender — are expanding to include “noun-self” pronouns, which can refer to animals or “fantasy characters,” the paper said.
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