George Soros” July 4th Message Declares War on “Domestic Enemies of Democracy”

Like a modern-day Paul Revere, billionaire George Soros chose the occasion of the Fourth of July to deliver a dire warning to Americans: U.S. “democracy” is under attack by the Supreme Court’s “radical majority” and “Donald Trump’s Republican Party, which placed those extremists on the Court.”

In an op-ed published on the globalist website Project Syndicate, he said these “domestic enemies of democracy” pose a greater threat to the U.S. than any of our external foes. Together, the extremist Court and the GOP are working to “turn the U.S. into a repressive regime.”

Soros, like most liberals, was stunned by the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade. But what upset him the most was their rationale for doing so.

He writes: “Justice Samuel Alito, the author of the majority opinion, based his ruling on the assertion that the Fourteenth Amendment protects only those rights that were generally recognized in 1868 when the amendment was ratified. But this argument endangers many other rights that have been recognized since then, among them the right to contraception, same-sex marriage, and LGBTQ rights. Carried to its logical conclusion, this line of reasoning could even allow states to ban inter-racial marriage, as some did until 1967.”

He also railed about the Court’s recent decision to strike down New York’s unconstitutional concealed-carry law that required gun license applicants to show why they needed a gun to defend themselves.

Soros concludes: “There is only one way to rein in the Supreme Court: throw the Republican Party out of office in a landslide. That would allow Congress to protect through legislation the rights that had been entrusted to the protection of the Supreme Court. It is now clear that doing so was a big mistake. Congress must act, starting with protecting a woman’s right to choose. If the filibuster must be amended to achieve that, so be it.”

He admits that “organizing a landslide victory against the radicalized Republicans” will be difficult because the party has “stacked the Supreme Court and many lower courts with extremist judges.” A Republican president nominating conservative judges to fill judicial vacancies does not constitute “stacking a court.”

Some Republican states “have enacted a raft of laws that make voting very difficult,” he added.

As all progressives do, Soros argues that voter ID laws disenfranchise minorities, which helps Republicans win elections.

This “is about re-establishing a functioning two-party political system which is at the core of American democracy,” he concludes.

In reality, this is about the Democratic Party trying to establish a false narrative ahead of an election that former assistant Treasury Secretary Monica Crowley, a conservative, predicted would be “an extinction-level event” for them. She is right, and Soros is acutely aware of it.

He knows that far from banning abortion in the U.S., the overturn of Roe v. Wade simply returns regulation of abortion to the states. He also knows that voter ID requirements make it more difficult to cheat in an election, which is the only way the Democrats can consistently win.

But if Democrats can make voters believe that Republicans are the ones who are undermining our democracy and who pose the greatest existential threat to America’s future, the party may be able to mitigate the expected bloodbath in November.

This master manipulator is employing the most fundamental tool in the progressive playbook. In his well-known book “Rules for Radicals,” the late communist Saul Alinsky instructs followers to “accuse your opponent of what you are doing.”

The Biden administration has run roughshod over the Constitution and abused its power. Their war on fossil fuels has squandered America’s energy independence and driven gas prices up to prohibitive levels, and their excessive spending has led to record-high inflation.

Other examples include their failure to enforce federal laws (particularly immigration laws), the FBI’s targeting of parents who object to the teaching of critical race theory in our public schools, the firing of healthcare workers and first responders who rejected the COVID-19 vaccine, and the denial of due process to Jan. 6 protesters.

The far-left policies of this administration have inflicted enormous damage upon the country.

All of that is pretty hard to spin. But Soros, aka György Schwartz, learned early on in Nazi-occupied Hungary about the power of propaganda. And he has become the master of the game.

Soros injects millions of dollars every year into local races throughout the U.S. via his Open Society Foundations. By backing far-left, soft-on-crime candidates for district attorney positions and judgeships, he’s been able to reshape America’s system of criminal justice.

The truth is that the most serious threat to our “democracy” is the Democratic Party itself, over which Soros exerts tremendous influence. Together, their efforts have brought the U.S. closer than ever before to becoming a socialist state.

So when Democrats try to convince voters this fall that Republicans are a threat to democracy, remember that a more insidious enemy — one that masquerades as a political party and controls the White House and both chambers of Congress — is leading an assault on America from within.

And George Soros is their commander.

via theroaringamerican

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