WARNING: 2024 – The Last Election As a Republic

Lt. General Michael Flynn warns the American people and particularly the leaders of the GOP that the upcoming 2024 election might be the last chance to preserve the Republic as we know it.

In a post on X, Flynn urgently appeals to Republican Governors and politicians to unite behind former President Donald Trump for the preservation of American democracy and freedom. His words come as a wakeup call for those who have been ignoring the unprecedented level of internal and external threats facing the United States today.

“Every Republican Governor running for POTUS (or not) and all others have to put their egos aside and swallow their pride and get behind Donald Trump immediately. Otherwise, we risk 2024 being the last election to maintain our Republic.”

These grave words should not be ignored, especially when considered in light of the unprecedented assault on American values and democratic institutions.

Flynn went on to say, “Never in US history have we seen such a domestic assault on the fabric of our democracy, with external support from outside dark forces (not a conspiracy theory).”

While many on the left would be quick to dismiss these claims as hyperbolic or alarmist, there is a significant body of evidence that supports his concerns.

It is no secret that Big Tech has been working to curate the information that Americans see, tipping the scales of public opinion and electoral outcomes. We’ve seen mainstream media outlets become the propaganda arms of a particular ideology, rather than neutral providers of news and information.

Moreover, we’ve witnessed the de-platforming and canceling of conservative voices, stifling any opposition to the mainstream narrative. As Flynn mentions, if not for free speech platforms reopened by independent thinkers like Elon Musk, conservative viewpoints would remain underrepresented and suppressed.

The country is veering away from its foundational principles at an alarming rate. Flynn correctly points out that the Democrats have been hijacked by an extreme Marxist-Bolshevik left and globalists.

“The globalists are coming for our faith, our families, our treasure, our lives,” Flynn warned. “The DEMs have been seized by the Marxist / Bolshevik left and the globalists toy with our lives through fake health scares, digital currencies devaluing the US Dollar, open-world insane immigration policies leading to unprecedented global poverty levels, an unnecessary war in Europe costing & wasting billions of American taxpayers dollars and many other even crazier ideas, all to create their one-world government led by people who have no concern about you and me.”

In his statement, Flynn also made a point to thank Tucker Carlson and Victor Davis Hanson for their character and courage. Both of these public intellectuals have been defenders of traditional American values, willing to challenge the liberal status quo perpetuated by mainstream media.

General Flynn also extended his gratitude to Elon Musk for “reopening a massive free speech platform,” emphasizing that without such avenues, the voices of millions of Americans would be effectively silenced.

The General gives a pointed warning to the Republican party, urging them to put aside their egos and individual political ambitions for the greater good of the nation. Flynn particularly mentions Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is running for President in 2024. Flynn notes that more is at stake here than individual political careers; it’s the future of the Republic.

“Ron DeSantis (my governor) the nation is at stake and not just your political career. You and the others running need to stop this politics-as-usual BS attitude and realize losing our country is a very real possibility!” said Flynn.

Flynn’s comments come after yet another lawsuit against President Trump, which he dismisses as a “junk lawsuit hurled at him by Democrats in New York City.” These endless lawsuits have become a tool to delegitimize Trump and distract from the real issues facing the nation. Rather than focusing on policy and the state of the Republic, the Left seems intent on using legal channels as a form of political warfare.

via thegatewaypundit

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