General Flynn on John Durham: “Whatever His Reputation was, is Now Gone”

On Tuesday Igor Danchenko was acquitted on all four charges against him for lying to the FBI.

Danchenko and Christopher Steele made up the entire Trump-Russia narrative and the FBI-DOJ ran with it for years.

Not one of the criminals at the FBI-DOJ who participated in the coup against President Trump will be punished.


Following the announcement today General Michael Flynn, whose life was ruined by the lies and corruption of the Department of Justice, responded to the jury verdict.

Investigative reporter Paul Sperry, who covered the FBI's Trump-Russia hoax better than anyone, reported.

Paul Sperry: BREAKING: Gen. Michael Flynn, who was Trump's national security adviser, told me in the wake of the Danchenko trial, which ended in the acquittal of the anti-Trump dossier fabricator, that Durham should be ashamed of himself for losing another case in the Russiagate scandal. "The whole episode makes the DOJ and FBI look wholly corrupt or wholly incompetent or a combination of the above, neither of which is good for the country and neither instills any confidence in the rule of law for the average citizen," Flynn said. "It's disgraceful, and clear evidence exists that treason or certainly fraud occurred by the Clinton campaign and by the leadership inside both organizations. Durham should be ashamed. Whatever his reputation as a thorough prosecutor was is now gone"

via thegatewaypundit

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