Frustrated Biden Controls Media Narrative

Dictator President Biden railed against corporate media before he and several family members headed by helicopter to Camp David, the presidential retreat in the mountains of western Maryland. 

Before boarding the presidential helicopter, Biden was asked by one reporter: "What's your outlook on the economy next year?"

The president responded: "All good," adding, "Take a look. Start reporting it the right way."

Biden's criticism comes as at least one progressive think tank warned White House aides in September and October that the 'Bidenomics' branding of the economy ahead of the 2024 presidential election cycle has failed.

Democrats are hammering the American public with the economy being 'great' despite never mentioning inflation ran hot and wiped out real wages of workers for two years. This put a massive strain on the working poor, who had to drain personal savings and rack up insurmountable credit card debt to make ends meet. Many of these folks resort to 'buy now, pay later' loans to afford essential items.

What's important to note is that the White House began the Bidenomics media blitz in June, which was supposed to be an effort to lift dismal poll data. Which the campaign miserably failed.

Maybe the Federal Reserve's bizarre, unexpected pivot might help the president, who has the lowest approval rating than any of his seven predecessors at this point in the first term, according to a recent Gallup poll.

via zerohedge

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