Freedom of religion in America now exists only for the bold

WND'S Art Moore wrote a recent story titled, "Prosecutor: Bible passage 'no longer appropriate in modern society' – Citing verse results in a charge for 'threatening' and 'abusive' speech."

"In a case against a street preacher charged for a speech condemning homosexuality, a government prosecutor in England argued Bible passages 'are simply no longer appropriate in modern society.'

"John Dunn was charged with violating the Public Order Act by engaging in 'threatening,' '"abusive' and 'insulting' speech when he told a lesbian couple that homosexuals will not 'inherit the kingdom of heaven,' citing the Bible, the Daily signal reported."

The real tragedy is not so much that Mr. Dunn, a 55-year-old British army special forces veteran, was charged in England; the real tragedy is that the same thing and worse is being done to people in America where the Constitution of the United States supposedly protects people against the commission of such Erebusic denial of the most fundamental rights of We the People.

This most basic freedom and principally important right is the Freedom of Religion. It is so important that our Founding Fathers viewed it with primacy: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise of thereof. …"

The initial draft of our Constitution didn't specify any individual rights. Some of our Founding Fathers, most notably Alexander Hamilton, a Federalist, bitterly opposed the inclusion of any such Bill of Rights. The Federalists believed a Bill of Rights were unnecessary, while the anti-Federalists feared a strong centralized government and refused to support the Constitution without a Bill of Rights.

While I personally have remained positioned with the Federalists on this point, it's clear that every right articulated, specifically the right to Freedom of Religion, has been violated in the cruelest of ways, for the perverted pleasure of godless reprobates wholly given over to the vilest forms of sexual deviancy to ever exist on earth.

I, and those such as myself, live under the threat of government sanction for daring to claim right to the Bill of Rights. The difference with me is that I refuse to bow before the thrown of Satan now recognized as the federal government.

My God-given natural rights and constitutional rights tell me I'm free from being forced to acknowledge government religions. I'm free from being intimidated and bullied into compliance.

I have the right to follow, define and place my unwavering commitment to the religion of my choice. And that religion is Christianity. It is not the religion of melanin content, sexual perversion or the demonic violation of Christendom.

The dung-soiled occupants of the federal government have made sexual perversion, homosexuality and the mental illness of self-mutilation in the crazed belief that in doing so one becomes a different gender a religion.

I won't be forced nor coerced into bowing before the reprobate followers of Baal and Ashtoreth. Sexual perverts unable to satisfy their malignant sexual thirsts in the general public find ways to get elected to political office where their demonic sexual cravings can be acted upon, veiled in the demonic cloak of government. They then set about having their vile behaviors protected under cloak of failed laws.

John F. Kennedy was a sexual predator, albeit there's no credible talk of his having to beat, rape and molest women to become aroused, as has been the case with Bill Clinton. Obama left accusations of enormous sexual thirst for men even by his own admission.

Freedom of Religion means that the federal government doesn't favor one religion over another. But, that's exactly what government is doing when under Obama and Biden funds are withheld and denied if the godless demonic entities aren't worshiped and celebrated.

In my religion of Christianity, Leviticus 20:1-5 KJV makes it clear that I am not to recognize nor allow the sacrifice of children to the demon deity Molech. The government of America has made the industrialized slaughter of children landmark events celebrated in parades alongside the celebration of the filthy paganism practiced by sodomites. Leviticus chapter 20 also makes clear that to God such nastiness is an abomination.

It's not just my God-given right to reject such wickedness; it is my duty in obedience to my religion. Biden and governors like Gavin Newsom et al. are forcing religious denominations and businesses to pay for the murder of children despite it being against the religious beliefs and dogma of the individual companies.

The government is supposedly unable to interfere with the rights of individuals' religious practices. But, just let a child bow his head and give thanks for his food or students bow their heads in prayer for injury-free sporting events, and the progeny of Satan go apoplectic. However, they worship and recognize mentally ill deviants pretending to be a gender they cannot become no matter how extensively they butcher themselves in the foolish belief they are turning into a man or woman.

I will never sit silent while these grotesque fools put on stage shows for young children in libraries. I will never call people a gender they are not, but only by names consistent with their gender at birth, and I darn sure won't use any pronoun apart from that which they were born.

The religious freedom of many in America is under threat. But Christian freedom is not. It is not because I refuse to recognize perversion to be a part of my theology.

I will preach and teach against it as long as I have breath and lucidity. As I said in a Video Rant I did for my website, "Biden and Pelosi Have Two Choices" (and that includes all those who share their debaucherous lusts).

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