FRAUD WINS THE NIGHT in US Midterms – Democrats Survive After Record Destruction

Republicans needed to take FIVE SEATS from Democrats to win back the US House of Representatives and take the gavel from corrupt Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

Republicans have flipped SEVEN Seats already - And the night is young!

And those FIVE seats were ALL IN FLORIDA!

Democrats are not projected to take any seats in the US House. But there is always the fraud wildcard.

Real Clear Politics has the live results for the US House of Representatives.

Of course, there are still 264 seats to be decided tonight.

EN.AS reported:

The House of Representatives is a 435-seat chamber, meaning that a party needs to hold 218 seats to claim a majority under normal circumstances. Ahead of the midterms the Democrats hold 220 seats, the Republicans have 212 and there are 3 seats currently vacant.

The three vacant seats were previously held by two Democrats and one Republican, which would bring the Democrats to 222 and the Republicans to 213. This means that five flipped seats would be enough to hand the Republicans control of the House.

This comes after Nancy Pelosi woke up to hear her husband was in the hospital after an attack in her San Francisco home.

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