Former NYT Reporter-Turned Novelist Says Media Embracing ‘Cancel Culture’

Former New York Times reporter-turned-novelist Alex Berenson is accusing his former employer and other media outlets for refusing to review his latest book because of an animus to his contrarian views on the novel coronavirus.
Berenson, who worked for the Times from 1999 to 2010 covering everything from Iraq to the pharmaceutical industry to the Bernie Madoff scandal before leaving to write novels, told Fox News on Tuesday he has become a pariah for his views.
“The media can’t cancel me,” he said. “I don’t work for The New York Times. I have an independent voice. But they can refuse to cover ‘The Power Couple,’ and that’s what they’ve done.”
It was a theme he also expressed in an opinion piece on Fox News’ website Monday.
“As someone who has argued COVID lockdowns are a mistake and is now raising questions about the mRNA vaccines, I feel the pressure of cancel culture every day,” Berenson wrote.
“Amazon refused to publish my first booklet on COVID until pressure from none other than Elon Musk, the billionaire behind Tesla and Space X, forced it to back down. People with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter regularly call for the service to ban me.”
via newsmax

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