FINALLY: Ted Cruz Urges House Probe into President Biden’s Actions

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is urging House Republicans to begin looking into impeaching Joe Biden based on the newest revelations regarding the president’s involvement in his son’s corrupt influence-peddling scam.

Conservatives have been asking why House Speaker McCarthy hasn’t been more aggressive on this issue. How much more evidence does the GOP need that Biden deserves to be impeached? Democrats impeached Trump over a phone call.

Joe Biden is everything the left falsely accused Trump of being and worse. Ted Cruz is right about this.

FOX News reports:

Ted Cruz calls on House to investigate impeaching Biden over Hunter allegations: ‘Direct evidence

Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz is urging the House to look into impeaching President Biden after an IRS whistleblower on the Hunter Biden probe told Congress that the president’s son invoked his father to pressure a Chinese business partner through WhatsApp and claimed the elder Biden was in the room while he was making deals.

Asked at what point the investigation and problems pertaining to Hunter Biden turn into an issue for the president, which could lead to impeachment efforts by Republicans, Cruz said: “It is right now.”

“Look, this WhatsApp is direct evidence of Joe Biden abusing his government power to enrich his son, and, assuming 10% for the big guy, to enrich himself,” Cruz continued. “Remember, this WhatsApp says ‘we want to know.’ This is not just me, Hunter, just mooching off my dad…. Of course the House needs to investigate it, but the stunning thing is what the IRS whistleblower says is [Department of Justice], Merrick Garland prevented an investigation even into this message.”

RedState notes the shifting narrative coming from the Biden White House:

The Biden team isn’t handling things well—they’re doing all they can to scramble as things start to fall apart, and they’re not doing a particularly good job of it.

Hunter’s attorney tried to use his addiction to excuse for what Hunter Biden said in the WhatsApp message, suggesting that it didn’t pertain to Joe Biden. Then, White House Counsel spokesperson Ian Sams gave some bad spin: “As we have said many times before, the President was not in business with his son.” Except that’s not what Biden or his spokespeople have said. What Biden said was that he’s never talked with his son about his business dealings or his overseas business deals. The fact that they are now trying to shift the goalposts means they recognize that there’s a problem.

Kevin McCarthy should be front and center on every news outlet raising these issues on a daily basis.

Conservatives are done playing nice. They want wartime leaders.

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