FINALLY Some Justice For J6 Protesters – Charges Cleared

The two-tiered ‘justice’ system strikes again.

Last month several CBS employees who work for Colbert’s late-night show were arrested in the US Capitol, trespassing after hours, and HARASSING GOP lawmakers.

The US Capitol was closed at the time.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) let the insurrectionists in the building.

Colbert’s goons were not only harassing Republican lawmakers after hours but they also went and harassed and mocked the families of the January 6 prisoners held in prison for over a year without a trial.

Now this…

Stephen Colbert’s crew has been cleared of “unlawful entry” charges after they were caught inside a House Office Building after hours without permission.

Apparently only Trump supporters have to rot in prison for ‘unlawfully’ entering the US Capitol.

From the US Attorney’s office: “We do not believe it is probable that the Office would be able to obtain and sustain convictions on these charges.”

via thegatewaypundit

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