FBI’s Plea for Help Backfires – Americans SLAM Agency

The FBI on Monday asked Americans to help them protect the country by reporting criminal activity to them at 800-225-5324.

You can imagine the responses!

The FBI is the leading criminal organization in America today!

The FBI:
** Spied on President Trump based on phony information
** Lied to the American people about spying on Trump
** Hid the Hunter laptop
** Still can’t find the Hunter laptop
** Lied about the laptop
** Lied to the American public during Trump’s impeachment knowing Trump did nothing wrong
** Sent operatives to the US Capitol on January 6
** Infiltrated the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers
** Raided homes of their political opposition
** Raided the opposition candidate’s home on junk charges
** Ignored Hunter Biden’s hundreds of crimes
** Set up poor white men in Michigan
** Ignored Biden Family treasonous deals
** Lied about investigating the criminal acts in the 2020 election

And just yesterday – on Monday – we discovered the FBI censored Americans who did not support the Ukrainian War.

There truly is no other governmental body that is as dangerous and crooked as the FBI.

The responses to the FBI tweet were lit!

via magatribute

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