Senate Hearing Disrupted: Far-Left Protesters Interrupt

Far-left Israel-hating protesters interrupted and shut down the Senate Appropriations Hearing on Tuesday.

The screaming radicals demanded Blinken and the Biden regime support a ceasefire plan in Gaza.

They screamed, “You’re the terrorist!”

More screaming.

Code Pink communists painted their hands red. They oppose Israel every chance they get.

The red on their hands represents the blood of Hamas and Gazans who were not allowed to leave the area.
The red on their hands DOES NOT represent the Jewish blood from the Oct. 7 massacre.

The far left protesters were dragged from the room. They will be released within hours.

They will not be faced with 1512 charges. They will not be held in the DC Gulag for three years without trial.
There will not be 1,200 arrests, indictments and kangaroo courts waiting for them.

J6 defendant Philip Anderson weighed in.

Philip: Will they be charged with the 1512 obstruction of congress charge? I didn’t even make it inside the Capitol building and I got charged with it. These people went all the way into the proceeding and stopped it.

via thegatewaypundit

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