EXPOSED: Dem Schools’ Attempt to Create Child Activists (VIDEO)

In a recent episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan described how woke schools in California hired a consultant to teach kids how to be anti-racist.

He emphasizes that he is talking about a five-year-old child and says the schools were trying to turn kids into activists.

Rogan left California for Texas a few years ago and this was likely one of the reasons why.

The Daily Wire has details:

Podcast legend Joe Rogan revealed this week some of the woke indoctrination that his children faced while they were going to school in California…

Rogan said that the California school that he took his children to hired someone that came in and taught them “that they have to be anti-racist and it’s not good enough not to be racist.”

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“I’m like, my kids aren’t racist at all, like, what are you doing?” he asked. “Like, why are you putting that in their head? That they have to be anti-racist and call out racism? They were trying to make kids activists, and like I’m like hey, they’re five. They don’t even care, they want friends. They don’t give a f*** what their friends look like. They’re trying to have a good time. They’re five, they’re just playing.”

“Like you’re pumping in, you’re indoctrinating them into this woke, guilt-ridden ideology that you’re carrying around with you,” he continued.

Watch the video below:

Megyn Kelly left New York City a few years ago for the exact same reasons. She wanted to get her children out of woke schools. We’re going to see more of this.

via thegatewaypundit

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