Explosive border video reveals dark secrets of invading illegals

An explosive video shot this week near the U.S.-Mexican border near Yuma, Arizona, shows a walking bridge across the Rio Grande River, reportedly built by a Mexican cartel to keep aliens’ feet dry as they make their illegal trek into the United States.

The bridge is left unscathed – further evidence the Biden administration is facilitating a human “invasion” of the U.S., says the man who shot the video, Ben Bergquam, host of “Law and Border” on Real America’s Voice TV network. Bergquam posted the video Monday on his Twitter account:

“This is the cartel bridge. … This bridge was created by the cartel in Mexico. This is simply to allow more illegals to invade America,” Bergquam says in the video. “Border Patrol knows it’s here and they allow it. They fly over this every single day in the helicopter. Rather than coming down here and stopping them or arresting the coyotes that are bringing people across it, they let it stay and they let people keep coming.”

As Bergquam is recording, a young man wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap and carrying a backpack and another sack walk nonchalantly across the thin wood bridge, unfazed by the fact that he’s being filmed.

“The cartel built a bridge from Mexico to the U.S., so illegals don’t have to get their feet wet walking across the river, and Border Patrol, Secretary [of Homeland Security Alejandro] Mayorkas and Joe Biden are allowing it, here in Yuma, Arizona,” Bergquam reports. “And it’s like this all across the border, everywhere you go. This is what Joe Biden thinks of border security.”

Speaking of the Biden administration’s approach to the unending flood of illegals, Bergquam said, “They don’t just allow it, they support it! If this is not treason, I don’t know what is.”

“It’s up to you,” he said, speaking directly to the camera. “I can show you this, but if we don’t start taking action and holding these people accountable, it’s gone. The country’s gone, and if America’s gone, the world’s gone.”

Discarded passports from many nations

The same video also shows an area near the bridge littered with hundreds of passports and other forms of identification from illegal aliens who discarded them on American soil to prevent them from being vetted by Border Patrol agents.

“All of these IDs, all dumped before they came in,” he said, ruffling through passports he found from Guinea, in West Africa, Peru, Iran, and the Dominican Republic, as well as a voter card from Ghana.

Real Amerca’s Voice reporter Ben Bergquam stands on the walking bridge across the Rio Grande River, built by Mexican cartels to keep illegal aliens’ feet dry as they make their way into America. (Video screenshot)

“And you know why they drop them? Because we can’t vet them!” he said. “Unless they show up on Interpol [the international criminal police organization], unless they’re in our system, we have no clue who these people are. So they come in, they’re coached by the NGOs [non-governmental organizations]: ‘Dump your stuff,’ and they simply walk into America.”

He said “Nobody comes down here to pick it up, nobody comes down here to verify who these people are, except for us. That’s what Joe Biden’s and Secretary Mayorkas’ border security looks like.”

In another video, shot at the Port of Entry in San Ysidro, California, Bergquam reported: “You’ve got people coming across, claiming fake asylum, turning themselves in, basically distracting Border Patrol and Customs,” and then they’re sent on buses into various American communities.

Meanwhile, he said, while the government agencies are busy processing the “fake asylum” seekers, “every single night” the cartels are pushing people over the mountains and into the community.

He said “The new game, the new scam” is that “basically everyone is being paroled through CBP One,” an app created by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol in 2020. “So whether they come across legally or illegally, they’re all put on the CBP One process, and then they’re sent in.”

He spoke to a man from Nigeria who said he used the CBP One app and said it was easy to use. The man had flown into Tijuana, Mexico, and then came across the border into the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

In the video, Bergquam greets other presumed illegals standing in line from Columbia, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mauritania, Peru, Ghana, Sudan and the Dominican Republic.

Bergquam discusses how various religious “humanitarian” groups work directly with the Biden administration to process the illegal aliens, and in fact, are profiting heavily off government grants. He named Jewish Family Services and Catholic Charities as two of the contracting groups. Bergquam said one staffer for JFS instructed the illegals not to talk with him because he was allegedly being “rude” to the people being processed (whom he was friendly interviewing).

“You’ve got these controlling, communist organizations … they have people come in through this process, they make money on all this, they get grants from the federal government, which you pay for, taxpayers pay for… These organizations are the problem, and they’re making millions of dollars.”

“It’s an invasion by a different name,” Bergquam told “War Room” host and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon in a video interview Friday:

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